This page lists contributions brought by the developer community to the SonarQube ecosystem.

SonarQube Plugins

These contributions are plugins that can be installed in a SonarQube server.

BitbucketMakes SonarQube a commenter on your Atlassian Bitbucket pull requests.
CxxIntegration of various tools to report metrics on C/C++ projects
CheckmarxEnables integration with a CxSuite server through the addition of dashboard widgets to retrieve and display scan result information. The plugin does not initiate CxSuite scans.
ClojureAnalyzes Clojure code using eastwood and kibit.
Code Smells Counts @Smell annotations in the code and increments technical debt accordingly.
Crowd PluginEnables delegation of SonarQube authentication to Atlassian Crowd.

CSS Plugin

Collects metrics and raises issues on CSS files.
Dependency CheckParses OWASP Dependency-Check XML reports to import its results in SonarQube.
Designite PluginImports C# quality analysis reports from Designite** into SonarQube.
Doxygen PluginGenerates the documentation of the application using Doxygen and Graphviz.
Erlang PluginCollects metrics and raises issues on Erlang files.
F#Analyzes F# code.
Issue Assign PluginAutomatically assigns new issues raised in the current analysis to the SCM author responsible.
JavaMelodyOn-board performance monitoring of SonarQube using JavaMelody.
Java Properties PluginAnalyzes properties files.
JSON PluginAnalyzes JSON files.
Localization: Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, SpanishLanguage packs are plugins that change the language of the user interface. They rely on the browser language. The default, English pack is embedded in SonarQube.
Mantis PluginRetrieves and reports the number of project issues from Mantis.
MB-Precise*Adds support for Websphere Message Broker (ESQL and MessageFlows). Free trial available.
MemtrackerTracks peak memory usage during functional test execution.

OpenID Plugin

Enables user authentication and Single Sign-On via an OpenID provider.

PAM PluginEnables the delegation of SonarQube authentication to the underlying PAM subsystem.
PDF PluginGenerates PDF report from project analysis. Note that report is not configurable and cannot be sent by email and the plugin is limited to Java Maven projects.
Pitest PluginIntegration with PIT, which is a mutation testing tool for Java.
Piwik PluginSubmits usage of a SonarQube instance to a Piwik server.
Puppet PluginAnalyzes Puppet code.
Redmine PluginRetrieves and reports the number of project issues from Redmine. Enables the creation of Redmine issues from the issues view of the component viewer.
Ruby PluginEnables analysis of Ruby projects.
Scalastyle PluginPackages Scalastyle as a SonarQube plugin.
SCM Stats PluginGenerates reports based on SCM change log information.
sevntu-checkstyleAdds support of sevntu-checkstyle checks to SonarQube
SoftVis3d3D visualization of metrics and dependencies using the city model metaphor.
Sonargraph PluginIntegrates results from Sonargraph, which has a coincidentally similar name.
SpellCheckOffers spell-checking for Java code with a dictionary that's customizable through the GUI.
StashMakes SonarQube a commenter on your Atlassian Stash pull requests.
Structure101Tracks metrics for software architecture.
SVG StatusProvides a webservice to retrieve projects' quality gate status as an SVG image similarily to travis-ci build status images.
Testwell CTC++Adds support of Testwell CTC++.
Text PluginA free and open-source plugin that lets you create rules to flag issues in text files.
ThreadFixThe ThreadFix plugin allows importing results from application security scanning tools, such as AppScan, WebInspect, Fortify, Checkmarx, BurpSuite and many others.
ThreadSafe*Finds concurrency bugs and potential performance issues in Java codebases. Free trial available.
Trac PluginRetrieves and reports the number of project issues from a Trac instance.
Toxicity ChartCreates Toxicity Charts for Java and C# projects.
XanitizerImports the results of a Xanitizer security scan.

* Commercial Plugin
** Commercial Product 

Other contributions

The following contributions are not SonarQube plugins but they add to the ecosystem.

AnthillProSupports configuring and launching SonarQube analysis from AnthillPro.
BambooSupports configuring and launching SonarQube analysis from Bamboo, the Atlassian CI engine.
Puppet Recipe for SonarQubeA puppet recipe to install SonarQube.
SecureCIAn open-source continuous integration solution that is packaged as a virtual machine and can be run with the VMware Player. It integrates many tools like SonarQube, Maven, Nexus, Hudson.
SonarQube Android ApplicationProvides access to your SonarQube instances from your Android devices.
SonarQube OpenSocial GadgetsA suite of gadgets developed for GateIn that should also work in any other standard gadget container (JIRA4, Shindig).
SonarQube gadgets in JIRA4Developed by Marvelution, it enables the display of several SonarQube gadgets in JIRA, along with a Project tab panel.
TeamCityThe plugin provides a simple user interface for configuring a connection between TeamCity and SonarQube servers, and allows you to trigger analysis using the SonarQube Runner as a build step in TeamCity.
Visual Studio ExtensionAlternative to SonarLint for Visual Studio for those using an old version of Visual Studio (older than Visual Studio 2015). Provides a comprehensive integration of SonarQube in Visual Studio for .Net projects. The objective of this integration is to remove the requirement that developers leave their favorite IDE to manage their source code quality.



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