This page lists all the plugins hosted on our forge.

Developer Tools

Developer CockpitSupported in Enterprise Edition* - Enables each developer to identify their individual contributions to a project, and fosters best practices in code quality self-management.

Issue Assign - Automatically assigns new issues raised in the current analysis to the SCM author responsible.


Fortify - Imports reports from Fortify: Fortify Security Rating, number of issues, and vulnerability issues. Vulnerability issues are recorded as SonarQube issues.

GitHub Plugin - Analyses pull requests, and notates issues as comments.

Google Analytics - Adds the Google Analytics tracking script to the SonarQube web application.

JIRA IssuesSupported in Enterprise Edition - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from JIRA. Enables the creation of JIRA issues from the issues view of the component viewer.

Maven Report - Adds a link to the Maven site to reference the project's SonarQube dashboard.

Oracle Forms PL/SQL Extractor - Extracts PL/SQL source code from Oracle Forms to feed SonarQube.

Redmine - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from Redmine. Enables the creation of Redmine issues from the issues view of the component viewer.

SonarQube Android Application - Provides access to your SonarQube instances from your Android devices.

SCM Engines

SCM Activity PluginSupported in Enterprise Edition - Adds support for some SCM engines, mainly Git/Mercurial/SVN. Deprecated since SonarQube 5.0 and replaced by the following plugins.

GitSupported in Enterprise Edition - Adds support for Git.

SVNSupported in Enterprise Edition - Adds support for Subversion.

CVSSupported in Enterprise Edition - Adds support for CVS.

TFVC - Adds support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Mercurial - Adds support for Mercurial.

Perforce - Adds support for Perforce.

Jazz RTC - Adds support for Jazz Rational Team Concert.

ClearCase - Adds support for IBM Rational ClearCase.

Language packs are plugins that change the language of the user interface. They rely on the browser language. Default English pack is embedded in SonarQube. Additional language packs are available: Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish.

Portfolio Management (Views)Supported in Enterprise Edition* - Enables aggregation of projects. Projects can be grouped into applications, applications into teams, teams into departments, etc.

PDF Report - Generates PDF report from project analysis. Note that report is not configurable and cannot be sent by email and the plugin is limited to Java Maven projects.

ReportSupported in Enterprise Edition* - Reports information by sending customizable PDF reports by email. Information can come from project or/and global measures.

Technical Debt Evaluation (SQALE)Supported in Enterprise Edition* - Adds an implementation of the SQALE Methodology to compute technical debt, which supports the evaluation of a software application’s source code in the most objective, accurate, reproducible and automated way possible.

Authentication & Authorization

Crowd - Enables delegation of SonarQube authentication to Atlassian Crowd.

LDAPSupported in Enterprise Edition - Enables the delegation of SonarQube authentication and authorization to LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.

OpenID - Enables user authentication and Single Sign-On via an OpenID provider.

PAM - Enables the delegation of SonarQube authentication to the underlying PAM subsystem.

Additional Metrics

Generic Test CoverageSupported in Enterprise Edition - Imports coverage data for any combination of languages.

Pitest - Integration with PIT, which is a mutation testing tool for Java.

Trac - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from a Trac instance.

Visualization / Reporting

Doxygen - Generates the documentation of the application using Doxygen and Graphviz.

Motion Chart - Displays projects measures using the super sexy Google Motion Chart Gadget.

SCM Stats - Generates reports based on SCM change log information.

Timeline - Displays the history of multiple metrics using a Google Timeline Chart to replay the past.

Widget Lab - Adds new ways to look at existing data through new widgets.

 SonarSource leads the development of the plugin, and provides support for the plugin as part of its Enterprise Edition.

* Commercial plugin


Tempted to write your own plugin and share it? Want to contribute your plugin back to the community? You might be interested in having it referenced in the SonarQube Update Center.

Other plugins

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