This is an archived version of the documentation for SonarQube-6.7.
See the Latest Documentation for current functionality.


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More versions Fewer versions
Governance 7.1 – Apr 17, 2018 – SonarQube 7.1
Support for SonarQube 7.1, live update of portfolios and applications
I accept the Terms and ConditionsDownloadRelease notesGovernance 7.0 – Feb 02, 2018 – SonarQube 7.0
Support for SonarQube 7.0, bug fixes and small improvements
I accept the Terms and ConditionsDownloadRelease notesGovernance 2.0.3 – Aug 06, 2018 – SonarQube 6.7 - 6.7.7 (Compatible with LTS)
Security fix, and bug fix for unreleased file space
I accept the Terms and ConditionsDownloadRelease notesGovernance 2.0.2 – Dec 21, 2017
Bug fix on Portfolios page
Release notesGovernance 2.0.1 – Nov 07, 2017
Fix compatiblity with 6.7 LTS
Release notesGovernance 2.0 – Nov 03, 2017
Portfolios page, concept of Application, bug fixes and improvements
Release notesGovernance 1.2.1 – Apr 18, 2017
Bug fix in project export/import
Release notesGovernance 1.2 – Jan 11, 2017
Improve rating computation to extract the risk, generate PDF on the fly, bug fixes
Release notesGovernance 1.1 – Jul 26, 2016
Improve PDF report, fix bugs
Release notesGovernance 1.0 – Jun 02, 2016
First version that includes Application Portfolio Management, PDF Reporting, Rules Remediation Cost Customization, Backup & Restore of a Project
Release notes


Enables Governance features:


Web API documentation is available directly in your SonarQube instance as it is the case for other SonarQube APIs (in the footer, on the right, you have a link to the API).

This embedded documentation is linked to the version of the Governance product installed on your SonarQube instance.

The Governance product includes a Web API for :

  • Views: http://<your_instance>/web_api/api/views

  • Project Move: http://<your_instance>/web_api/api/project_dump