This is an archived version of the documentation for SonarQube-6.7.
See the Latest Documentation for current functionality.

Operating your Cluster

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Start/Stop/Upgrade the Cluster

Start the Cluster

  1. Start the search nodes

  2. Start the application nodes

Stop the Cluster

  1. Stop the application nodes

  2. Stop the search nodes

Upgrade SonarQube

  1. Stop the cluster

  2. Upgrade SonarQube on all nodes (app part, plugins, JDBC driver if required) following the usual Upgrade procedure but without triggering the /setup phase

  3. Once all nodes have the same binaries: start the cluster

  4. At this point only one of the application nodes is up. Try to access [node ip:port]/setup on each server, and trigger the setup operation on the one that responds.

Install/Upgrade a Plugin

  1. Stop the cluster

  2. Upgrade the plugin on all nodes

  3. Start the cluster


CPU and RAM usage on each node have to be monitored separately with an APM.

In addition, we provide a Web API api/system/health you can use to validate all of the nodes of your cluster are operation.

  • GREEN: SonarQube is fully operational

  • YELLOW: SonarQube is usable, but it needs attention in order to be fully operational

  • RED: SonarQube is not operational

To call it from monitoring system without having to give admin credentials, it is possible to setup a System Passcode through the property sonar.web.systemPasscode. This has to be configured in the

Manually Check the Status of your SQ Cluster from the UI

In the System Info page, you can check whether your cluster is running safely (green) or has some nodes with problems (orange or red).

Compute Engine Workers

If you change the number of Compute Engine workers in the UI, you must restart each application node to have it take this change into account.

Project Move

When the Project Move feature, coming with the Governance Plugin, is used in a DC installation:

  • Projects are exported on only one of the application nodes

  • The archive of the exported projects must be copied to all the applications nodes in the target server