This is an archived version of the documentation for SonarQube-7.2.
See the Latest Documentation for current functionality.


The first question that should be answered when setting the security strategy for SonarQube is: Can anonymous users browse the SonarQube instance or is authentication be required?

To force user authentication, log in as a system administrator, go to Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Security, and set the Force user authentication property to true.

Authentication Mechanisms

Authentication can be managed through a number of mechanisms :

  • Via the SonarQube built-in users/groups database

  • Via external identity providers such as an LDAP server (including LDAP Service of Active Directory), GitHub etc. See the Authentication & Authorization section of the Plugin Library.

  • Via HTTP headers

Technical Users

When you create a user in SonarQube's own database, it is considered as local and will only be authenticated against SonarQube's own user/group database rather than against any external tool (LDAP, Active Directory, Crowd, etc.). By default admin is a local account.

Similarly, all non-local accounts will be authenticated only against the external tool.

An Administrator can manage tokens on a user's behalf via Administration > Security > Users. From here, click in the user's Tokens column to see the user's existing tokens, and either revoke existing tokens or generate new ones. Once established, a token is the only credential needed to run an analysis. Pass it as the value to the sonar.login property.

Default Admin Credentials

When installing SonarQube, a default user with Administer System permission is created automatically:

  • Login: admin

  • Password: admin


I lost the admin password

In case you lost the admin password of your SonarQube instance, you can reset it by executing the following query:

update users set crypted_password = '$2a$12$uCkkXmhW5ThVK8mpBvnXOOJRLd64LJeHTeCkSuB3lfaR2N0AYBaSi', salt=null, hash_method='BCRYPT' where login = 'admin'

This will reset the password to admin.