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Metrics - Statements




move, if, accept, add, alter, call, cancel, close, compute, continue, delete, display, divide, entry, evaluate, exitProgram, goback, goto, initialize, inspect, merge, multiply, open, perform, read, release, return, rewrite, search, set, sort, start, stop, string, subtract, unstring, write, exec, ibmXmlParse, ibmXmlGenerate, readyReset, mfCommit, mfRollback


Number of statements as defined in the Java Language Specification but without block definitions. Statements counter gets incremented by one each time a following keyword is encountered: if, else, while, do, for, switch, break, continue, return, throw, synchronized, catch, finally.

Statements counter is not incremented by a class, method, field, annotation definition, package declaration and import declaration.


Only includes SQL statements used within PL/SQL blocks, but not outside.