This is an archived version of the documentation for SonarQube-7.2.
See the Latest Documentation for current functionality.


The Projects area allows you to explore projects by multiple metrics in both the overall and leak persepectives. You can focus on just your favorite projects, explore all the projects in your SonarQube instance, or choose sub-sets of projects based on languages, project tags, and metric values such as:

  • Quality Gate status

  • New Bugs, Vulnerabilities, or Code Smells

  • Overall Reliability, Security or Maintainability ratings

  • New or Overall Coverage

  • New or Overall Duplications

Once you have your selection of projects, the project visualizations can help you gain deeper insights into your project set, letting you see at a glance, for instance, which projects are in trouble in terms of coverage or reliability. When you find a particular project you want to focus on, you can drill into the Project Homepage for more detail.