This is an archived version of the documentation for SonarQube-7.2.
See the Latest Documentation for current functionality.

Release 7.1 Upgrade Notes

License incompatibility

Users coming from 6.7.5 must not upgrade to this version. Your license will be incompatible. Instead, if you seek an upgrade to an intermediate version before the next L.T.S. version, you must start from 7.3 or higher.

Live Portfolios

images/download/attachments/11639530/onde-sonar-16.png Portfolio measures are now updated without having to explicitly trigger recalculation. As a result, the views scanner task no longer has any effect, and will fail with a clear error message.

Deprecated Features

Support for MySQL is deprecated for all editions below Data Center Editionimages/download/attachments/11639530/onde-sonar-16.png (see below).

Dropped Features

  • Support for MySQL in Data Center Editionimages/download/attachments/11639530/onde-sonar-16.png .

  • The "accessors" metric, which was deprecated in SonarQube 5.0.

images/download/attachments/11639530/onde-sonar-16.png = Commercial feature supported by SonarSource