Short-lived Branches

Branch analysis is available as part of Developer Edition and above.

Short-lived branch analysis shows your analysis and quality gate status in the SonarQube UI.

Quality Gate

The short-lived branch quality gate:

  • Focuses on new code – The short-lived branch quality gate only uses your project's quality gate conditions that apply to "on New Code" metrics.
  • Assigns a status – Each short-lived branch shows a quality gate status reflecting whether it Passed (green) or Failed (red).

Issue Creation and Synchronization

The issues visible on the short-lived branch are the new issues corresponding to files modified in the branch.

Modified files are determined based on the checksum of each file on the and the short-lived branch.

New Code Period

The ephemeral nature of short-lived branches means the New Code Period is implicit; everything changed in the branch is new code.

Settings and Quality Profiles on Branches

Branch settings and quality profiles default to those set for the master branch, and by design, it's not possible to configure other values.

Known Limitations

  • Only the issue-focused, hard-coded quality gate is available on a short-lived branch.
  • You cannot connect SonarLint to a short-lived branch.
  • Analysis of a short-lived branch based on another short-lived branch is not supported.