GitHub Enterprise Integration

GitHub Enterprise Integration is available as part of Developer Edition and above.

Adding Pull Request Decoration to GitHub Checks

You can add Pull Request decoration to Checks in GitHub Enterprise by creating a GitHub Application, configuring your SonarQube instance, and installing the app in your organizations.

Creating a GitHub Application

Click here for general instructions on creating a GitHub App.

From the "Register new GitHub App" page, follow these steps to create your GitHub App for PR decoration:

  1. Under GitHub App name, give your app a name (such as SonarQubePRChecks).

  2. GitHub requires a Homepage URL and a Webhook URL. These values aren't important for Pull Request decoration, so you can use any URL (such as

  3. Grant access for the following Permissions

    Permission Access
    Checks Read & write
    Repository metadata Read-only
    Pull Requests Read-only
    Commit statuses Read-only
  4. Under "Where can this GitHub App be installed?," select Any account.

  5. Click Create GitHub App.

Generating and Setting Your Private Key

After creating your app, you'll be prompted with a link to "generate a private key" at the top of the page. Click the link to download your .pem private key file. You can also download your .pem file by scrolling down to "Private Key" and clicking Generate Private Key.

After downloading your .pem file, you'll need to set your private key in SonarQube global settings by copying and pasting the content of your private key file into the text box at Administration > Pull Requests > GitHub > GitHub App private key.

Configuring Your SonarQube Instance

You'll need to configure the following global settings in SonarQube.

Setting Your GitHub Enterprise Instance API URL

Enter your GitHub Enterprise Instance API URL in the text box at Administration > Pull Requests > GitHub > GitHub API URL. Your GitHub Enterprise instance API URL is formatted as follows: https://<your-github-enterprise-address>/api/v3

Setting Your App Name and ID

  1. Enter your app name in the text box at Administration > Pull Requests > GitHub > GitHub App name.
  2. Enter your app ID in the text box at Administration > Pull Requests > GitHub > GitHub App ID. You can find your GitHub App ID on the app's settings page at https://<your-github-enterprise>/settings/apps/<appname>.

Installing Your App

To install your app in your organizations:

  1. Go to your GitHub App URL.

    • GitHub App URLs are specific to your GitHub Enterprise Address and your app name and are formatted as follows: https://<your-github-enterprise-address>/github-apps/<YourAppName>.
    • For example, if your GitHub Enterprise address is and your app name is SonarQubePRChecks, your GitHub App URL will be
  2. From your GitHub App page, click the Install or Configure button.
  3. Choose the organization where you want to install your app from the list.
  4. Click the Install button.