Get Started in Two Minutes Guide

This guides shows you how to install a demo instance. When you are ready to move to production, take some time to read the Install the Server documentation.

Installing from a zip file

  1. Download the SonarQube Community Edition.

  2. As a non-root user, unzip it, let's say in C:\sonarqube or /opt/sonarqube.

  3. As a non-root user, start the SonarQube Server:

    # On Windows, execute:
    # On other operating systems, as a non-root user execute:
    /opt/sonarqube/bin/[OS]/ console

    If your instance fails to start, check your logs to find the cause.

  4. Log in to http://localhost:9000 with System Administrator credentials (login=admin, password=admin).

  5. Click the Create new project button to analyze your first project.

Using Docker

A Docker image of the Community Edition is available on Docker Hub. You can find usage and configuration examples there.