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Managing applications

Applications are available starting in Developer Edition.


There are two levels of users with permissions for adding and editing applications: users with the Create Applications permission and Global Administrators.

Create Applications Permission

Users with the Create Applications permission (granted at the global level at Administration > Security > Global Permissions) can create Applications by clicking the Create Application button in the upper-right corner of the Projects homepage.

Users with the Create Applications permission can edit an individual application definition from the application-level Portfolio Settings > Edit Definition interface.

Global Administrators

Starting in Enterprise Edition, Global Administrators have access to the overall portfolio and application administration interface at Administration > Configuration > Portfolios. From this page, they can create and edit applications.

Global Administrators also have access to the Projects Management page at Administration > Projects > Management. Changing the selection mechanism on this page to Portfolios or Applications lets you manage the portfolios or applications of your SonarQube instance. The dropdown menu to the right of each item lets you edit permissions, apply permission templates, or restore access to a portfolio or application.

Populating applications

Once your application exists, you can populate it with manually-selected projects. By default, the configuration interface shows the list of projects currently selected for the application. To add additional projects, choose the Unselected or All filter.

Creating Application Branches

Once your application is populated with projects, you can create application branches by choosing branches from the application's component projects. This option is available in the application's Application Settings > Edit Definition interface or from the global administration interface.


By default, applications are queued to be recalculated after each analysis of an included project. For each relevant application, a Background Task is created, and you can follow the progress on each in the Administration > Projects > Background Tasks by looking at the logs available for each item.


During Elasticsearch reindexing due to disaster recovery or upgrading, applications become available as they are indexed.

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