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Upgrade notes

Version 2.6.1

The Maven groupId was changed to "org.sonarsource.sslr-squid-bridge".

Version 2.6

The "Common rules" project was merged into SSLR Squid Bridge.
To use the new common rules provided by SSLR Squid Bridge, you should:
  • Remove the dependency on org.codehaus.sonar.common-rules:sonar-common-rules
  • Replace org.sonar.commonrules.api in your imports by org.sonar.squidbridge.commonrules.api
  • Provide the required objects when instantiating CommonRulesDecorator
  • If they exist, you can remove:
    • names from properties file
    • HTML description files
    • SQALE model from XML file
  • In unit tests, replace calls to methods rules() and rule(String) of CommonRulesRepository by code like:


You may need to review configurations based on package names (e.g. obfuscation).
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