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This page lists all the SonarQube plugins hosted on our forge that were recently deprecated:

Other deprecated plugins:

  • Abacus - Estimates the complexity following the Abacus methodology.
  • Active Directory - Automatically logs in user using Single Sign On (SSO) with Active Directory Credentials in Microsoft Active Directory Environments.
  • Cobertura - Feeds SonarQube with code coverage data coming from Cobertura.
  • Cppcheck - Import Cppcheck reports into SonarQube < 6.7.

  • Doxygen Plugin - Generates the documentation of the application using Doxygen and Graphviz. 
  • FxCop - Run FxCop analysis on C# or VB.NET projects.
  • GitHub Plugin - Analyzes pull requests, and notates issues as comments.
  • Google Analytics - Adds the Google Analytics tracking script to the SonarQube web application.
  • Issue Assign - Automatically assigns new issues raised in the current analysis to the SCM author responsible.
  • JMeter - Displays JMeter test results in SonarQube.

  • Mantis - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from Mantis.

  • Memtracker - Tracks peak memory usage during functional test execution.
  • Puppet - Analyzes Puppet files
  • PDF Report - Generates PDF report from project analysis. Note that report is not configurable and cannot be sent by email and the plugin is limited to Java Maven projects.

  • Piwik - Submits usage of a SonarQube instance to a Piwik server.

  • Redmine - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from Redmine. Enables the creation of Redmine issues from the issues view of the component viewer.
  • Timeline - Displays the history of multiple metrics using a Google Timeline Chart to replay the past.
  • Trac - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from a Trac instance.
  • Widget Lab - Adds new ways to look at existing data through new widgets.


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