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This plugin is deprecated as of version 1.15

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The Developer Cockpit plugin enables each developer to identify their individual contributions to a project and fosters best practices in code quality self-management.


If the SCM Sensor is disabled for some projects, the Developer Cockpit information will not be computed for those projects.

Installing Developer Cockpit Plugin

  • Copy the file sonar-devcockpit-plugin-X.X.jar to SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins or use the SonarQube Marketplace to install the latest version.
  • Restart the SonarQube server.
  • Log in as a System Administrator, go to Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Licenses, paste your license key and Save.

Computing Developers

Developers should be recomputed on a regular basis to take into account their new contributions to the application portfolio.
To compute all the developers, run the following command:

sonar-scanner devcockpit

Note that before running this command, your projects must have been reanalyzed at least once after having installed the Developer Cockpit plugin.  

Developers can be computed by users having the “Execute Analysis” global permissions. If “Anyone” is not granted the “Execute Analysis” permission or if your instance is secured (“sonar.forceAuthentication” is set to “true”), the “sonar.login” and “sonar.password” properties must be set to the credentials of a user having the “Execute Analysis” permission. Ex:

sonar-scanner devcockpit -Dsonar.login=xxx -Dsonar.password=yyy

Displaying Data From Developers

Developers can be accessed through the search engine (the magnifying glass in the top bar or ‘s’ on your keyboard) > All Developers.




You can also create filters: 


or add “Developers by metric” widgets on dashboards:


Follow the Computation of Developers Metrics

With SonarQube 5.3+, when you launch the computation of the Developers Metrics, the real computation is done on SonarQube Server side.
For each developer, a “Background Task” is created and you can follow the progress on each in the Administration > Projects > Background Tasks by looking at the Logs available for each Developer.


Developer Permissions

To configure permissions on developers, go to Settings > Project Permissions in SonarQube 4.5 :

or in Administration > Security > Project Permissions in 5.3+ :

This page offers to:

  • define default permission template that will apply to any newly created developers
  • configure permissions for every existing developer

Automatically link Developers and SonarQube Users having the same login

Go to Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Developer Cockpit.
If the ‘sonar.devcockpit.userAutoMapping’ property is set to ‘true’, when the SCM account of a developer exactly matches a SonarQube user login, the two entities are automatically linked. For the time being, this link automatically grants permission to the SonarQube user to access its related developer resource.

Exclude developers

You might want to skip the computation of data for some developers (generic developers, developers who have left the company, etc.). To do so, log as a System administrator and go to Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Developer Cockpit and set the “SCM account exclusions” property.


Measures on developers at project level are not computed when “sonar.branch” property is used to avoid data duplication or non consistent data at developer level.

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