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This plugin allows GitHub users to sign-up and log in SonarQube.


  1. At, create a Developer application : 

    1. Go to "Your profile" -> "Settings" -> "Developer settings" -> "OAuth Apps" > "New OAuth App"
    2. "Application name" is something like "My SonarQube"
    3. "Homepage URL" is the public URL to your SonarQube server, for example "". For security reasons HTTP is not supported. HTTPS must be used. The public URL is configured in SonarQube at "Administration" -> "General" -> "Server base URL"

    4. "Authorization callback URL" is <Homepage URL>/oauth2/callback, for example ""
  2. In SonarQube settings :
    1. Go to "Administration" -> "Configuration" -> "GitHub" -> "Authentication"
    2. Set the "Enabled" property to true
    3. Set the "Client ID" from the value provided by the GitHub developer application
    4. Set the "Client Secret" from the value provided by the GitHub developer application
  3. Go to the login form, the new button "Log in with GitHub" allows users to connect with their GitHub account.


General Configuration

Default value

Enable GitHub users to login. Value is ignored if client ID and secret are not defined.

Client ID provided by GitHub when registering the application

Client password provided by GitHub when registering the application


Allow new users to authenticate. When set to 'false', only existing users will be able to authenticate to the server.


When the login strategy is set to 'Unique', the user's login will be auto-generated the first time so that it is unique.

When the login strategy is set to 'Same as GitHub login', the user's login will be the GitHub login.

This last strategy allows, when changing the authentication provider, to keep existing users (if logins from new provider are the same than GitHub)


Have Question or Feedback?

To provide feedback (request a feature, report a bug) use the Community Forums. Please do not forget to specify plugin and SonarQube versions if it relates to a bug.


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