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The following contributions are not SonarQube plugins but they add to the ecosystem.

AnthillProSupports configuring and launching SonarQube analysis from AnthillPro.
Atlasboard SonarQube PackageSonarSource's own wallboard widget, showing quality gate failures.
Atlasboard widgetAn Atlassian Atlasboard widget to show selected metrics for a specific resource.
AzureAppServiceFacilitate hosting SonarQube in an Azure App Service directly.
Convert Mocha reports to Generic Coverage format
Convert TRX to Generic Test Data formatAn XSLT 3.0 transform to go from TRX to the Generic Test Data Format.
IIS Single Sign-onAn IIS plugin Custom Http Handler that allows single sign on for windows active directory users.
Karma SonarQube Unit ReporterConverts Karma reports to Generic Test Data format.
Netbeans Radar pluginNetbeans plugin to connect your local project to your SonarQube instance.
Oracle Forms PL/SQL ExtractorExtracts PL/SQL source code from Oracle Forms to feed SonarQube.
Puppet Recipe for SonarQubeA puppet recipe to install SonarQube.
Qualinsight Cobertura Maven pluginMaven plugin that runs Cobertura instrumentation and reporting, and transforms the output to Generic Test Data format.
SecureCIAn open-source continuous integration solution that is packaged as a virtual machine and can be run with the VMware Player. It integrates many tools like SonarQube, Maven, Nexus, Hudson.
SonarQube Android ApplicationProvides access to your SonarQube instances from your Android devices.
SonarQube OpenSocial GadgetsA suite of gadgets developed for GateIn that should also work in any other standard gadget container (JIRA4, Shindig).
SonarQube Scanner for JSMakes it very easy to trigger SonarQube analyses on a JavaScript code base, without needing to install any specific tool or (Java) runtime.
TAP parserConvert TAP test files to the Generic Test Data format.
TeamCityThe plugin provides a simple user interface for configuring a connection between TeamCity and SonarQube servers, and allows you to trigger analysis using the SonarQube Runner as a build step in TeamCity.
Visual Studio ExtensionAlternative to SonarLint for Visual Studio for those using an old version of Visual Studio (older than Visual Studio 2015). Provides a comprehensive integration of SonarQube in Visual Studio for .Net projects. The objective of this integration is to remove the requirement that developers leave their favorite IDE to manage their source code quality
Walkmod AutofixThis is a walkmod plugin to automatically fix sonar rule violations.

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