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This page lists SonarQube plugins that are not available in the Marketplace.

SonarQube Plugins

These contributions are plugins that can be installed in a SonarQube server.

1C:Enterprise 8Analyzes the 1C language for 1C:Enterprise and its internal query language.
Anti-pattern Code SmellDetects anti-patterns and code smells, as defined by Martin Fowler, in Java code by means of the Ptidej 5 library.
Bitbucket AuthenticationDelegate authentication to Bitbucket.
Bitbucket On DemandMakes SonarQube a commenter on your Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud pull requests.
Bitbucket ServerMakes SonarQube a commenter on your Atlassian Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash) pull requests.
Build BreakerFail the job if the project fails the Quality Gate.
CxxIntegration of various tools to report metrics on C/C++ projects
CheckmarxEnables integration with a CxSuite server through the addition of dashboard widgets to retrieve and display scan result information. The plugin does not initiate CxSuite scans.
ClojureAnalyzes Clojure code using eastwood and kibit.
CodeScan*Code analyzer for Salesforce-specific code. Commercial plugin with free, 30-day trial.
Code CrackerCode Cracker plugin for Roslyn-based C# and VB.NET analyzers
Dependency CheckParses OWASP Dependency-Check XML reports to import its results in SonarQube.
Designite PluginImports C# quality analysis reports from Designite** into SonarQube.
F#Analyzes F# code.
Gerrit PluginTransforms issues into comments in Gerrit review.

Analyzes Go code using the GoMetaLinter.

HaskellAnalyzer for the Haskell language.
HipChat notificationNotify a HipChat room at the end of an analysis.
JavaMelodyOn-board performance monitoring of SonarQube using JavaMelody.
miniOrange SAMLFull-featured, freemium SAML authentication plugin for use with a wide variety of identity providers.
NDependIntegration with NDepend.
OpenEdge PluginAnalyzes the OpenEdge langauge.
OpenID Connect AuthenticationEnables users to automatically be sign up and authenticated on a SonarQube server via an OpenID Connect identity provider like Keycloak. Optionally the groups a user is associated in SonarQube can be synchronized with the provider (via the userinfo claim groups retrieved from the ID token).
Oracle CCI pluginRun Oracle's Code Compliance Inspector to audit SOA projects
PerlAnalyzes Perl files.
Qualinsight Cobertura Maven pluginRun Cobertura instrumentation and reporting, then transform the reports to the Generic Test Coverage format
SBTAn SBT plugin which can be used to analyse a Scala project.
Ruby PluginEnables analysis of Ruby projects with SonarQube 6.5.
a Scala analyzerAnalyzes Scala 2.11/2.12
Scalastyle PluginPackages Scalastyle as a SonarQube plugin.
SCM StatsGenerates reports based on SCM change log information.
sevntu-checkstyleAdds support of sevntu-checkstyle checks to SonarQube

Multiple independent plugins (with coincidentally identical plugin keys) exist to send SonarQube notifications to the specified Slack channel.

SpellCheckOffers spell-checking for Java code with a dictionary that's customizable through the GUI.
Structure101Tracks metrics for software architecture.
SVG StatusProvides a webservice to retrieve projects' quality gate status as an SVG image similarily to travis-ci build status images.
TechCognia's TSQL plugin*Analyze Microsoft SQL Server Script files using SQL Code Guard.
Testwell CTC++Adds support of Testwell CTC++.
Text PluginA free and open-source plugin that lets you create rules to flag issues in text files.
TIBCO BW 5.xPlugin for analysis of TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x projects.
TIBCO BW 6.x or BWCEPlugin for analysis of TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x or BWCE projects.
TIBCO BEPlugin for analysis of TIBCO BE projects.
ThreadFixThe ThreadFix plugin allows importing results from application security scanning tools, such as AppScan, WebInspect, Fortify, Checkmarx, BurpSuite and many others.
ThreadSafe*Finds concurrency bugs and potential performance issues in Java codebases. Free trial available.
TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x PluginAnalyzes TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 projects
Toxicity ChartCreates Toxicity Charts for Java and C# projects.
TypeScriptAnalyzes TypeScript files.
VisibleForTestingProvides rules on the use of the @VisibleForTesting Java annotation.
ZAPParses OWASP ZAP reports and imports results into SonarQube

* Commercial Plugin
** Commercial Product 

Deprecated Plugins

The plugins listed on the Deprecated Plugins page may still work in your version of the SonarQube server, but they're not being maintained and they won't work in future versions.

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