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Cobolmove, if, accept, add, alter, call, cancel, close, compute, continue, delete, display, divide, entry, evaluate, exitProgram, goback, goto, initialize, inspect, merge, multiply, open, perform, read, release, return, rewrite, search, set, sort, start, stop, string, subtract, unstring, write, exec, ibmXmlParse, ibmXmlGenerate, readyReset, mfCommit, mfRollback

Number of statements as defined in the Java Language Specification but without block definitions. Statements counter gets incremented by one each time a following keyword is encountered: if, else, while, do, for, switch, break, continue, return, throw, synchronized, catch, finally.

Statements counter is not incremented by a class, method, field, annotation definition, package declaration and import declaration.

PL/SQLOnly includes SQL statements used within PL/SQL blocks, but not outside.
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