This an an archived version of the documentation for SonarQube version 4.3 and below.
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Notification Mechanism

During each analysis, the notifications are computed for each user who has subscribed to notifications. Then, in an asynchronous way, these notifications are sent to users by emails.

To set the delay between processing of notification queue, set the sonar.notifications.delay property (in seconds) in SONAR_HOME/conf/ Note that the server has to be restarted for the new value to be taken into account.


Note that sometimes there could be some discrepancy between values displayed in the email and values displayed on the web interface. This happens if another analysis has been run between the sending of the email and you clicking on the link to the Issues drill-down in this email.

Email Configuration

To configure the email server, go to Settings > General Settings > General > Email.

Check also the Server base URL property at Settings > General Settings > General > General to make sure that links in those notification emails will redirect to the right SonarQube server URL.


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