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This page intends to provide information about potential impacts of migrating from SonarQube 3.7.x to SonarQube 4.5.x. It is not meant to replace the upgrade procedure, nor will it provide comprehensive information about plugin compatibility.


  • Multi-language: with the new capability to analyze multi-language projects, SonarQube will behave differently when sonar.language is not defined. Previously, Java analysis was the default. Now the project will be seen as multi-language, and more files will be analyzed.
  • Execution of unit tests: SonarQube no longer executes unit tests and computes code coverage, see This only impacts Maven users. This information must now be computed prior to analysis. See individual language plugin documentation for specific information.
  • War mode: the war mode is no longer available; SonarQube must now be run as a standalone application.
  • Sources directory: by default sources cannot be outside the analysis directory anymore.
  • Rules Compliance Index and Weighted Issues: the RCI and Weighted Issues metrics are no longer part of the core platform, but come through a plugin called Issues Density.



Developer Cockpit Plugin

Developer Cockpit is not computed as part of project analysis anymore; a separate job must be configured that will run sonar-runner devcockpit.

Java Plugins

Checkstyle and PMD plugins are no longer part of the core plugin. If you use Checkstyle and/or PMD rules, you must install those plugins to preserve quality profiles 

.Net Plugins

The .NET 2.x ecosystem has been rewritten and replaced with 3 plugins: C#VB.NET and Analysis Bootstrapper for Visual Studio Projects. Remove all pieces of the .NET 2.1 environment and install the newest plugins.

Web Plugin

Files analyzed by the plugin by default have now been reduced to ".html,.xhtml,.rhtml,.shtml" 


Views Plugin 

Views are not computed as part of project analysis anymore; a separate job must be configured that will run "sonar-runner views"


Analyzers should also be updated to the latest version.

IDE Integration

Eclipse and IntelliJ plugins allow now to run local / pre-commit analysis in incremental and differential way.

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