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Release 2.0 Upgrade Notes

Database migration form has a new URL

See SONAR-1276: The setup form is not available in the homepage anymore. Administrators must explicitly browse to http://<server>/setup.

Upgrade to Checkstyle 5.0

New rules (not activated in default Quality profiles) :

If some of the following rules are activated in your quality profiles, then you have to manually deactivate them :

Upgrade to Findbugs 1.3.9

See SONAR-1343: Findbugs has now its own parameter to define the max memory heap size. It is not executed in the Maven process anymore. The parameter is "sonar.findbugs.maxHeap", the default value is 512 (Mo) and it can be defined online in SonarQube settings.

Better Complexity/class

See SONAR-1327: the complexity distribution by class was badly calculated. It now covers all classes, but not only public classes.

Overridable Cobertura version

The version of the Cobertura Maven plugin can be overridden. Default value is 2.3. The new version must be set in the definition of the cobertura plugin in pom.xml.

Log HTTP requests

See SONAR-1364 to log all HTTP requests to SonarQube server. This feature is deactivated by default and is ignored when SonarQube is deployed to a JEE server.

User management

  1. See SONAR-1334: users can be automatically created on external authentication mode. This feature is deactivated by default. The parameter is "sonar.authenticator.createUsers" (true|false), to be set in the file conf/
  2. The default group affected to new users can be defined online, in SonarQubegeneral settings. The default value is "sonar-users".

Design analysis

The main functionality of version 2.0 is about byte code analysis to report on design and architecture. It is however possible to not activate this new feature by using the advanced parameter


or through the UI.

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