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Release 2.1 Upgrade Notes

Findbugs plugin

Findbugs is executed in a forked process. The new property "sonar.findbugs.timeout" is the amount of time, in milliseconds, that Findbugs may run before it is assumed to be hung and terminated. The default value is 600 000 (ten minutes). This property can be set in the Settings page or in the Maven pom.

Duplications (CPD) plugin

Detection of duplicated code is memory hungry. It can be deactivated on big projects with the new property "sonar.cpd.skip", configurable in the Settings page or in the Maven pom.

New page System Info

The page "System info" in the configuration section displays detailed information about the system configuration : installed plugins, Java VM memory statistics, system info, database statistics, system properties.

New page Libraries

The page "Libraries", in the project section, displays all the libraries used by the project. It requires the project to be built with Maven, else the page is empty.

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