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JaCoCo Plugin packaged in the distribution

Thus the old plugin should be uninstalled before upgrading. Note that Cobertura is still the default coverage engine for Java projects.

Sonar provides default configuration for JaCoCo, which should be suitable for almost all projects. However JaCoCo doesn't work well with some tools and libraries (like Hibernate, PowerMock, Drools, ...), which also use on-line bytecode instrumentation. So maybe you should tune configuration of JaCoCo.

See SONAR-2792.

Google Analytics Plugin removed from distribution

The Google Analytics Plugin is not packaged anymore in the standard distribution. It must be installed through Update Center after server upgrade.
See SONAR-2834.

The properties sonar.skippedModules/sonar.includedModules must be defined on root module

Due to technical limitations, these properties are ignored when they are defined directly in child modules.They must be declared in the root module or in command-line parameters.
See SONAR-2967.

Upgrade is disabled when using the embedded database

It's not possible to upgrade anymore when the default embedded database, Apache Derby, is used. We have always recommended to not use it in production environments. You should use one of the supported databases.
See SONAR-2726.

Simplify deployment of WAR on JEE server

Building a new WAR is not required anymore when changing the files conf/ and conf/logback.xml. The script war/build-war must be executed when :

  • $SONAR_HOME is moved
  • JDBC driver is changed
  • Sonar is upgraded

See SONAR-2881 and SONAR-2870.

Oracle 11.2 JDBC driver is required

Please do not use ojdbc4.jar but ojdbc5 or ojdbc6 drivers.

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