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Database migration can take a long time

Migrating database to version 2.13 can take a very long time, so long in fact that you might think that it has errored-out. If you have a lot projects under inspection, don't worry; just leave the migration for an hour, or even longer maybe.

Update Center

Update Center warns that the JaCoCo plugin must be uninstalled. This message should be ignored if this plugin is not listed in the section "Plugins" of the tab "Installed Plugins". See SONAR-3178

The page "Hotspots" is implemented as a dashboard

It brings much more flexibility on the way to configure the hotspots widgets. The drawback is that the migration does not allow to "push" this page to users who have already customized their own dashboards. The Hotspots page is removed from sidebar for these users. They have to manually follow the shared dashboard named "Hotspots". See SONAR-3063.

The property "sonar.jdbc.driverClassName" is guessed

This property can be removed when using the default provided JDBC drivers. Note that the default value for Oracle is oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver. See SONAR-3045.

Typo in the property "sonar.cobertura.maxmen"

This property has been renamed sonar.cobertura.maxmem. The old wrong value is still supported for a few releases. See SONAR-2897.

The properties "sonar.hibernate.default_schema" and "sonar.jdbc.postgreSearchPath" are deprecated

They are replaced by the generic property sonar.jdbc.schema. Note that they are still supported for a few releases. See SONAR-2975.

Java: metric "commented out lines of code" removed

Metric "comments" now includes all comments and new rule was added to detect commented out lines of code, which provides more precise results than previous way of metric computation. See SONAR-3093 and SONAR-2018.

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