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Some history is removed

The new plugin "Database Cleaner" is packaged within SonarQube. It aims to delete some rows in database to save some space and to improve overall performances. By default :

  • it deletes all data older than 5 years
  • it keeps a single monthly analysis by project over 1 year
  • it keeps a single weekly analysis by project over 1 month
  • analysis with an event are kept

These settings can be changed in the page Configuration > Settings > Database Cleaner.

The property "sonar.reuseExistingRulesConfiguration" is removed

This property has been used in the plugins Checkstyle and PMD. It has been deprecated in version 2.3 and is now deleted, as it is highly unstable and can not provide meaningful results.

Upgrade the Views Plugin

Previous versions of the Views plugin are not compatible anymore. This plugin must be upgraded to version 1.5 :

  1. remove the views JAR files from extensions/plugins
  2. run upgrade
  3. download the views plugin from update center
  4. restart server

New Findbugs rule added to the quality profile "Sonar way with Findbugs"

The new Findbugs rule "Dead store due to switch statement fall through to throw" has been added to the default profile "Sonar way with Findbugs". The total number of violations on projects using this profile can increase after upgrading.

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