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Upgrade the Flex Plugin

This plugin must be upgraded to version 1.2. Previous versions are not supported.

Drools Plugin 0.2 must be uninstalled

The Drools plugin must be uninstalled as long as it does not support SonarQube3.3.

End of support of Tomcat 5.x

All the Servlet 2.4 application servers, including Tomcat 5.5, are not supported anymore when using the WAR deployment mode.

End of support of the property sonar.light=true

This property has been replaced long time ago by the property sonar.dynamicAnalysis=false.

Solaris: Issue with JRuby 1.6.6 / 1.6.7


Due to JRuby issue JRUBY-6494, the following line has to be added in conf/wrapper.conf:


Note that this property has to be set when launching Tomcat (as the wrapper.conf file is not used when deploying in application server).

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