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Windows Service was Renamed

If you're running SonarQube as a service, uninstall first the service named Sonar. Then update to SonarQube 4.3 and reinstall the service. Service name is now SonarQube.

Server Setting for JVM Max Memory was Changed

In order to allocate more than 4GB of memory on 64-bit JVM, the parameter is replaced by:

Quality Gates

The concept of Alert was replaced by the concept of Quality Gate.

The migration process automatically creates quality gates from quality profiles' alerts. The automatically created quality gates are labelled "<profile name> - <language key>". Unlike alerts, quality gates are not bound to quality profiles. Therefore, you will have to manually associate projects to quality gates once the migration process is over.

sonar.skippedModules and sonar.includedModules properties are deprecated

The sonar.skippedModules and sonar.includedModules properties are deprecated. They should be replaced by standards Maven advanced reactor options. For example, let's say that you have the following multi-module project:

    - moduleA (org.mycompany:module-A)
    - moduleB (org.mycompany:module-B)
    - moduleC (org.mycompany:module-C)

mvn sonar:sonar -Dsonar.skippedModules=module-B

should be replaced (since Maven 3.2.1) by

mvn sonar:sonar -pl !moduleB

sonar.dynamicAnalysis is deprecated

The strategy for language plugins is to no more execute tests but only reuse existing reports (to solve many integration issues with test & coverage frameworks). As a result this property will become less and less used as language plugins are updated to follow this strategy.


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