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Changes in copied rules and their parent rule

The concept of rule and copied rules was not clear enough and misleading in most its use cases. With the new "Rules" space, it is now clear that there are:

  • Rule Templates (used to be the parent rules):
    • They can't be activated on a profile
    • They can just be used to create custom rules
  • Custom Rules (used to be the copied rules):
    • They can be edited like former copied rules (name, description, severity, parameters specified on the rule template, ...etc)
    • They can be activated on profiles like any other rule

The migration handles the conversion from rule templates that may have been activated on quality profiles (which is no more possible) into new custom rules.

Note that those rule templates and custom rules do not support HTML description anymore. Markdown will be supported in the next version of SonarQube.

Rule notes are no more supported

Before 4.4, it was possible to add a note on a rule that was activated on a profile. This concept was OK for active rules in a profile, but it did not play well with notes on inactive/deactivated rules - which made this feature pretty useless and actually not used.






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