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"Hardware Requirements" updated

Issues and source code are now indexed in Elasticsearch, increasing the disc space and performance requirements for the ES indices (located in SONARQUBE_HOME/data/es directory).

(error) Large instances (> 5M issues or > 25M lines) should not move to this version yet.

Java 6 is no longer supported

Java 6 support was dropped in SonarQube version 4.5.2. Java 6 code can still be analyzed, but neither the SonarQube server nor analysis should be run with Java < 7.

Maven 2 is no longer supported 

Only SonarQube Mojo 2.3+ with Maven 3+ are supported. See  SONAR-5705 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SCM Activity plugin now obsolete

5.0 introduces out-of-the box SCM functionality with built-in support for Git and SVN. Other providers supported by plugins.


  • After the migration, source syntax-highlighting won't be available on a project until it has been successfully analyzed
  • Starting with 5.0, when analyzing a project, some updates are saved to the end of analysis, sent to the server in a batch file, and processed asynchronously. Those batch files are queued, and processed sequentially, so it is quite possible that for a brief period after your analysis log shows completion, the updated values are not visible in your SonarQube project.
  • The new native SCM support is more strict than the old SCM Activity plugin:
    • If the returned blame data doesn't return the same number of lines than the physical file then the analysis will fail fast to prevent any inconsistency in other feature relying on SCM data. One example of issue is with Git SCM and files containing old "Mac" line ends (CR).
    • If the file is not commited (like generated code) or contains local modification we will try to detect this and fail since the blame result will be wrong. The solution is to exclude generated code from SQ analysis.
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