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Large Instance Warning

As with SonarQube 5.0, large instances (> 5M issues or > 25M lines) should not move to this version. 

Migration notes

Note: The migration from 5.0 to 5.1 will take longer than previous migrations.

Git and SVN plugins need to be installed manually

The Git and Subversion plugins are no longer core plugins. This means that even though they are bundled with the SonarQube distribution (i.e. they are installed by default on a fresh install), users migrating from a previous SQ version will have to install them manually using the update center.

Some plugins are no longer compatible with SonarQube 5.1 and must be removed

This is the case for the following plugins, for which the corresponding features are now built-in in SonarQube:

  • Issues Report plugin
  • Branding plugin

New property in the wrapper.conf file

The following line must be added to the "conf/wrapper.conf" file:




  • The Build Breaker plugin won't work anymore in preview/incremental modes
    • It will work only in "standard" analysis mode
    • The use cases covered by the Build Breaker in preview mode will be implemented in SonarQube as core features in a future version
  • Immediately after upgrade, incremental preview mode will be broken until a new "full" analysis of a project is done
  • The behaviour of issue filters on modules has changed
    • While previously the filter matched the whole subtree of modules (including child modules), now it matches only one level.
    • If you had defined such issue filters, you will need to update them once migrated to SonarQube 5.1
  • The Ruby source viewer extension point has been dropped
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