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MS SQL Collation

Collation of all columns with a type VARCHAR are changed to Latin1_General_CS_AS. The default collation associated to the database won't be used anymore as the collation of VARCHAR columns is now forced each time such column is added.

Cross-project duplication is back

Cross-project duplication was missing in SonarQube 5.2, it's now back in SonarQube 5.3.

However, please note that it slightly differs from how it was working before:

  • Before 5.2: activating this feature was in fact allowing to detect duplications between modules, may those modules be in different projects or in the same project.
  • In 5.3: this feature is implemented as it should have always behaved, i.e. it allows to detect duplications between projects only (but not between modules inside a single project - which will be implemented in SonarQube 5.4  SONAR-2867 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

Plugins Compatibility

The Developer Cockpit and Report Plugin are compatible with SonarQube 5.3.



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