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Concepts and mechanisms described below apply for both global and project dashboards.

Creating Dashboard

Logged users can create as many dashboards as they need:

Click on Manage dashboards from a Global dashboard and fill the form to create a new Global dashboard. Use the same link from a Project dashboard to create a new Project dashboard:

The newly created dashboard appears immediately in the left navigation bar and and can be customized by adding widgets.

If you are granted the Share Dashboards And Filters permission, you have the ability to share your dashboards to other authenticated users. Just tick Shared while editing/creating a dashboard:

Customizing Dashboard

The content of a dashboard can be fully customized.

Changing Layout

To change the layout of a dashboard (e.g. three columns instead of two), click on Configure widgets and then pick a layout on the right hand side:

Adding a Widget

To add a widget, click on Configure widgets. The list of available widgets is shown at the top of the page. Click on Add widget to add the desired widget:

Customizing a Widget

Some widgets can be customized. To change their properties, click on Edit on the desired widget:

Moving a Widget

To move a widget within a dashboard, click on Configure widgets, then drag & drop the widget:

Removing a Widget

To remove a widget, click on Configure widgets and then click on Delete:

Managing Dashboards

Click on Manage dashboards to manage available dashboards:

From there you can:

  1. Follow / Unfollow a shared dashboard
  2. Change the order of the dashboards in the left navigation bar
  3. Delete a dashboard
  4. Configure widgets

Managing Default Dashboards

A System administrator can customize the list and the content of the default dashboards. The default dashboards are the ones presented to unauthenticated users as well as authenticated users that have not done any customization. This is done by logging in, going to Settings > Default dashboards and then selecting default dashboards to display and their order:

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