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Assigning a Project to a Quality Profile

To associate projects with a quality profile, or to remove an association, go to the Projects section of the profile page:

When a project is not explicitly associated with a quality profile, the default quality profiles of the relevant languages are used to perform the next analysis. Project profile assignments (one per language) may also be made from the project administration interface.

Profile Inheritance

Maintaining lots of quality profiles over time can be tedious. To ease this maintenance, the rule configuration of a quality profile can be inherited. For each profile, you can view and manage inheritance

in the Inheritance section of the profile detail:

Profile inheritance means that the quality profile inherits all the coding rules defined in the parent profile with the parent's settings for severity and any rule-specific parameters. Inheritance is also shown on a per-rule basis on the Rules page:

And in the rule detail:

A rule inherited from a parent cannot be deactivated. But it is possible to change its parameter(s) and/or its severity. If one of these values is changed, then:

  • the rule is marked as overridden
  • the original values (of the parent profile) are clearly displayed
  • and it is always possible to revert to the parent definition

Note that setting a parent profile will appear in a change log as the addition of that profile's rules to this one.

Searching for inherited or overridden rules in the Rules page

When searching rules by an inherited profile, the Inheritance facet becomes available:

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