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Project administration is accessible through the Configuration menu.

Only project administrators can access project settings (See Authorization).

Adding a Project

A project is automatically added at its first analysis. Note that you can also provision projects.

Analysis Report Processing

A project-level Background Tasks page is available at Administration > Tasks to allow project administrators to check their projects' processing. It offers analysis report details and logs. See Background Tasks for more.

Deleting a Project

You can delete a project through Administration > Deletion:

Note also that a projects can also be deleted in bulk.

Updating Project Key

The project key can be updated (without losing the history on the project). Go to Administration > Update Key:


The new key must contain at least one non-digit character. Allowed characters are: 'a' through 'z', 'A' through 'Z', '-' (dash), '_' (underscore), '.' (dot), ':' (colon) and digits '0' to '9'.

Note that the validity of the new key is not currently verified. See SONAR-4770.

Default Issue Assignee

When new issues are created during an analysis, they are assigned to the last committer where the issue was raised. When it is not possible to identify the last committer, issues can be assigned to a default assignee, at Administration > General Settings > Issues:

Quality Gate and Setting Quality Profiles

Project administrators can select which:

  • Quality profiles (go to Administration > Quality Profiles)
  • Quality gate (go to Administration > Quality Gate)

 to use on their project.

Setting Exclusions

See Narrowing the Focus.

Customizing Links

To add links to your project, go to Configuration > Links:

They are two types of links:

These links have to be defined in the analysis configuration file:

  • Home: sonar.links.homepage
  • Continuous integration:
  • Issue tracker: sonar.links.issue
  • Sources: sonar.links.scm
  • Developer connection: sonar.links.scm_dev

For Maven projects, these links are retrieved from the project POM:

  • Home: <url>
  • Continuous integration: <ciManagement><url>
  • Issue tracker: <issueManagement><url>
  • Sources: <scm><url>
  • Developer connection: <scm><developerConnection>
Setting a sonar.links.* property on a Maven project overrides the one above.
These links can be displayed on a:
  • Filter by adding the Link column
  • Dashboard by adding the Description widget

They can not be modified through the web interface.

Any link can be added through the web interface. Those links can be displayed on a dashboard by adding the Description widget.

Configuring Plugins

Several plugins can be configured at project level to override the plugin's global settings. Go to Adminisration > Settings.

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