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As a SonarQube user you have your own space where you can see everything relevant to you:

Home Page

It gives you a summary of:

  • your Favorite components, Issues Filters, and Measure Filters
  • your Issues, with a focus on the ones you have to fix and the one you recently created so you stop the leak
  • your groups
  • your SCM accounts

If you use this page everyday, you won't need to wonder what you need to fix. Just focus on the Issues you created in the past week. Handle the Issues you have to review and fix, and you are done.


It gives you the Global Issues Page filtered to see only Issues assigned to you, so that it's quicker than ever to focus on your own Issues.


The notifications feature allows any logged in user to subscribe to the following email notifications:

globally or for specific projects.

To subscribe to notifications, tick the events you want to subscribe to.

In the below example, the user will receive notifications for:


  • All changes to issues assigned or reported by him
  • Quality gate status changes

SonarQube CPP Project

  • Issues raised on a line he committed in the SCM

See Notifications - Administration to administer this notification mechanism.


In addition to being able to change your password, if your instance is not using a 3rd party authentication mechanism such as LDAP or any OAuth provider (GitHub, Google Account, ...), you can manage your own  authentication tokens.

You can create as many Token as you want. Once a Token is created, you can use it to publish analysis to a project where you have the execute analysis permission.


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