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There is two options to install a plugin into SonarQube :

  • Automatically, from the SonarQube UI using the Update Center
  • Manually

Using the Update Center

If your SonarQube Server has been freshly installed, it won't be authorised to connect outside your company to download plugins. As a consequence, you will need to use the manual installation way.

If you have access to the internet and you are connected with a SonarQube user having the Global Permission "Administer System", you can go in Settings > Update Center.

  • Locate the "Available Plugins" tab
  • Find the plugin you want to install
  • Click on Install and wait for the download to be processed

Once done, you will need to restart your SonarQube Server.

See Update Center for more details about the Update Center and Update Center#UsingtheUpdateCenterbehindaProxy to know how to configure your SonarQube Server to connect to the internet.

Manual Installation

In the page dedicated to the plugin you want to install (ex: for Python : SonarPython), click on the "Download" link of the version compatible with your SonarQube version.  

Upload the downloaded jar file in your SonarQube Server and put it in the directory : $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins.

If another version of the same plugin is already there, you need to remove it, since only one version of a given plugin may be available in the extensions/plugins directory.

Once done, you will need to restart your SonarQube Server.


If you installed a Commercial Plugin, you will need to set the License Key before being able to use it. For that you need to:

  • Go in Administration > Configuration > Licenses
  • Click on the Update button to set a License for a given Plugin
  • Set the License Key and Save




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