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Support for Microsoft SQLServer 2012 is dropped

Instead, support for Microsoft SQLServer 2016 has been added. See  SONAR-9745 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and  SONAR-8632 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Oracle Clean-up

SONAR-9763 - Getting issue details... STATUS  On Oracle the database columns to be dropped are now marked as UNUSED and are not physically dropped anymore. To reclaim disk space, Oracle administrators have to manually drop these unused columns. SQL request is ALTER TABLE foo DROP UNUSED COLUMNS. The concerned tables are listed in the table all_unused_col_tabs.

Non-hierarchical project structure no longer supported

Prior to 6.6, the only constraint was to have a hierarchical file hierarchy inside each modules. To be precise, it means all files part of a module were required to be physical children of the module base directory. There was no check that modules themselves were nested under their parent module (and ultimately root project) base directory.

Since 6.6, we are enforcing a strict file tree, originating from the project base directory. See  SONAR-9835 - Getting issue details... STATUS

This change is mainly affecting "flat" Maven projects layout, and will possibly be addressed by  MSONAR-164 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Can't run as root

It has always been a bad idea to run SonarQube as root, but with the upgrade in this version of ElasticSearch, it is no longer possible. If you try to run SonarQube as root, the ElasticSearch startup will fail and the SonarQube instance will shut back down.

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