Codemagic Integration

SonarScanners running in Codemagic can automatically detect branches and merge or pull requests in certain jobs. You don't need to explicitly pass the branch or pull request details.

Adding SonarQube scripts to your Codemagic .yml file

To analyze your code when using Codemagic:

  1. Add the following scripts to your existing codemagic.yaml file:
      - |
        # download and install the SonarScanner
        wget -O $FCI_BUILD_DIR/
        # If running in a Linux environment, download 
        unzip $FCI_BUILD_DIR/
        mv sonar-scanner-* sonar-scanner
      - |
        # Generate and upload code analysis report
        export PATH=$PATH:$FCI_BUILD_DIR/sonar-scanner/bin
        sonar-scanner \
        -Dsonar.projectKey=YOUR_PROJECT_KEY \ \
  1. Define SONAR_TOKEN as a Codemagic environment variable.

Automatically detecting pull requests

For SonarQube to automatically detect pull requests when using Codemagic, you need to add an event in the triggering section of your codemagic.yaml file as shown in the following snippet:

        - pull_request

For triggering to work, you also need to set up a link between Codemagic and your DevOps platform (Bitbucket, Github, etc.). See the Codemagic documentation for more information.

Caching the .sonar folder

Caching the .sonar folder saves time on subsequent analyses. To do this, add the following snippet to your codemagic.yaml file:

        - ~/.sonar