Language-Specific Properties

Discover and update the Terraform properties in: Administration > General Settings > Languages > Terraform

Discover and update the CloudFormation properties in: Administration > General Settings > Languages > CloudFormation

Discover and update the Kubernetes properties in: Administration > General Settings > Languages > Kubernetes

Supported Versions, Formats and Providers

  • Terraform 1.x (HCL format only)
  • CloudFormation with AWSTemplateFormatVersion 2010-09-09 (YAML and JSON)
  • Kubernetes (YAML)
  • AWS, Azure and GCP

Terraform provider versions

The respective Terraform providers are frequently updated. New resources, properties and default values are added. At the same time, others are deprecated or dropped. For this reason, the Terraform analysis is defensive by default: some issues will be automatically silenced to avoid raising false positives. In order to get a more precise analysis you can specify the provider versions your code supports via a parameter.

AWS: sonar.terraform.provider.aws.version
Azure: sonar.terraform.provider.azure.version
GCP: For Google Cloud Platform, no versions are currently considered in the analysis

Accepted are versions having the format: X.Y.Z, X.Y or X


  • sonar.terraform.provider.aws.version=1.93.4
  • sonar.terraform.provider.aws.version=3.4
  • sonar.terraform.provider.aws.version=4

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For CloudFormation you can import cfn-lint reports. See Administration > General Settings > External Analyzers for more information

Issue Tracker

Check the issue tracker for this language.