In order to analyze TypeScript code, you need to have Node.js >= 6 installed on the machine running the scan. Set property sonar.typescript.node to an absolute path to Node.js executable, if standard node is not available.

Also make sure to have TypeScript as a project dependency or dev dependency. If it's not the case, add it:

cd <your-project-folder>
npm install -D typescript

If you can't have TypeScript as a project dependency you can set your NODE_PATH variable to point to your globally installed TypeScript (but this is generally discouraged by the Node.js documentation).

Language-Specific Properties

Discover and update the TypeScript-specific properties in: Administration > General Settings > TypeScript

Supported Frameworks and Versions

  • TypeScript >= 2.2

Rule Profiles

There are 2 built-in rule profiles for TypeScript: Sonar way (default) and Sonar way Recommended.

  • Sonar way profile is activated by default. It defines a trimmed list of high-value/low-noise rules useful in almost any TS development context.
  • Sonar way Recommended contains all rules from Sonar way, plus more rules that mandate high code readability and long-term project evolution.

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