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Although the basics of the i18n mechanism are the same for every part of the ecosystem, the packaging differs depending on what you are developing:

if you want to apply this mechanism to the Sonar core platform or to a plugin:

  • Making Translations for the Sonar core platform Core Platform: making the Sonar Core Platform available in a new language requires to develop and publish a new Language Pack plugin.
    • By default Sonar embeds the English Pack.
    • All other Language Pack plugins
    • (like the French Pack plugin
    • ) are hosted in the
    plugins forge
  • This is different for plugins, each plugin is in charge to embed its own translations. Of course supporting i18n mechanism is not mandatory for a plugin but in that case it will only be available in the default implemented languageTranslations for the Sonar Community Plugins: open-source plugins of the Sonar Community (hosted in the Plugins Forge) must embed only the bundles for the default locale. Translations will be done in the Language Pack plugins.

  • Translations for other Plugins: closed-source/commercial/independant plugins must embed the bundles for the default locale and the translations for every language they want to support.
titleTo sum up
  • Sonar platform relies on Core Platform and Sonar Community Plugins rely on Language Pack plugins to get translations
  • Other independant Sonar plugins embed by themselves all the translations they need