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    <span style="font-size:larger;"><strong>SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins 2.6.1<7</strong></span>
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SonarQube Scanner for Jenkins - 2.67




  • SonarQube server 6.2+ (need webhook feature)
  • Configure a webhook in your SonarQube server pointing to <your Jenkins instance>/sonarqube-webhook/ (info) The trailing slash is mandatory with SonarQube 6.2 and 6.3!
  • Use withSonarQubeEnv step in your pipeline (so that SonarQube taskId is correctly attached to the pipeline context).

Example (scripted pipeline):

Code Block
titleSonarQube Scanner for MSBuild
node {
  stage('SCM') {
    git ''
  stage('SonarQube analysis') {
    withSonarQubeEnv('My SonarQube Server') {
      sh 'mvn clean package sonar:sonar'
    } // SonarQube taskId is automatically attached to the pipeline context
// No need to occupy a node
stage("Quality Gate"){
  timeout(time: 1, unit: 'HOURS') { // Just in case something goes wrong, pipeline will be killed after a timeout
    def qg = waitForQualityGate() // Reuse taskId previously collected by withSonarQubeEnv
    if (qg.status != 'OK') {
      error "Pipeline aborted due to quality gate failure: ${qg.status}"