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This plugin is compatible only up to deprecated since SonarQube 5.0.

SonarQube 5.1+ provides all those features as built-in features, see Getting Issues Report in Preview Mode

1. See SonarLint for in-IDE support instead.

Description / Features

The Issues Report plugin provides the ability to generate HTML report on issues.


titleSonarQube Eclipse Plugin
Note that while the Issues Report plugin supports every language, there is also support for certain languages within the IDE. The SonarQube plugin See SonarLint for Eclipse supports Java, C/C++ and Python. The SonarQube plugin for IntelliJ supports Java., IntelliJ, and VisualStudio.

Include Page
SONAR:Include - Plugin InstallationSONAR:
Include - Plugin Installation


Install your favorite scanner (SonarQube Scanner , SonarQube Scanner for Maven or SonarQube Scanner for Ant) on your local machine. You only have to set the property to point to your remote SonarQube server (connection settings to the remote database do not have to be provided for a preview analysis as no data is pushed to the database). Note that you don't need to install any SonarQube server on your local machine.