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  1. Add an inline comment for each issue
  2. Add a global comment that gives a summary of the analysis
  3. [Optionally since v1.3] Update the status of the analysis: if no blocker no critical issues were found, the check is green - otherwise it is red to raise attention

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  • You have a dedicated technical GitHub user which will be used to insert comments when there are issues and update the status of the pull request.
    • To insert comments, you just need to generate a token (for that user) that has only the "public_repo" scope (or "repo" for private repositories)


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    • The update of the pull request is optional (since version 1.3): the technical user must have commit rights on the target repository to be able to update the status of the Pull Request. Otherwise, then a warning will be logged. 


Default value

titleDeprecated from SQ 6.6


Set to preview 
Personal access token generated in GitHub for the technical user 
sonar.github.repositoryIdentification of the repository. Format is: <organisation/repo>. Exemple: SonarSource/sonarqubeExtracted from property sonar.links.scm_dev
sonar.github.pullRequestPull request number 

Optional parameters:

Default value
URL to access GitHub WS API. Default value is fine for public GitHub. It is needed for GitHub enterprise.
If set to true issues will not be reported as inline comments but only in the global summary commentfalse


To provide feedback (request a feature, report a bug etc.) use the Community Forums. Please do not forget to specify plugin and SonarQube versions if it relates to a bug.