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  1. At, create a Developer application : 

    1. Go to "Your profile" -> "Settings" -> "Developer settings" -> "OAuth Apps" > "New OAuth App"
    2. "Application name" is something like "My SonarQube"
    3. "Homepage URL" is the public URL to your SonarQube server, for example "". For security reasons HTTP is not supported. HTTPS must be used. The public URL is configured in SonarQube at "Administration" -> "General" -> "Server base URL"

    4. "Authorization callback URL" is <Homepage URL>/oauth2/callback, for example ""
  2. In SonarQube settings :
    1. Go to "Administration" -> "Configuration" -> "GitHub" -> "Authentication"
    2. Set the "Enabled" property to true
    3. Set the "Client ID" from the value provided by the GitHub developer application
    4. Set the "Client Secret" from the value provided by the GitHub developer application
    5. Set the "Enabled" property to true
  3. Go to the login form, the new button "Log in with GitHub" allows users to connect with their GitHub account.