This plugin is deprecated since SonarQube 5.5.


This plugin connects SonarQube to Altassian JIRA in various ways.

Widget JIRA Issues

SonarQube retrieves the number of issues associated with a project from JIRA. It then reports on the total number of issues and distribution by priority.

Link a SonarQube issue to a JIRA ticket

This feature allows you to link a SonarQube issue to a JIRA issue by creating a new JIRA ticket for the SonarQube issue.

When logged in, you should find the "Link to JIRA" action available on any issue:

After you press "Link to JIRA", a new review comment is added on the issue: you can see the link to the newly-created JIRA ticket.

And the corresponding JIRA looks like:



Jira 3.x



Jira 4.x



Jira 5.x



Jira 6.x




Mandatory Properties

At the project or global level go to Settings > JIRA and set the sonar.jira.urlsonar.jira.login.secured and sonar.jira.password.secured properties.

For the *.secured properties to be read during the project analysis, it is necessary to set the sonar.login and sonar.password properties to the credentials of a user that is both:

  • System administrator
  • And project administrator on the project that is being analyzed
sonar-runner -Dsonar.login=admin -Dsonar.password=admin

To Display Data on the JIRA Issues Widget

  1. Log in to your JIRA instance and create a filter. Mark it as favorite. You may also want to share this filter with your team.

  2. Specify the sonar.jira.url.param property for the project or module: this is the name of an issue filter that you have previously created on JIRA (see the JIRA documentation for more on issue filters).

To Create JIRA Issues

Set the sonar.jira.project.key property that is the key of the JIRA project for which this SonarQube plugin will generate tickets

Note that you can also configure the issue type, the component, the priorities. Browse the JIRA setting page on the web interface for a complete list.

If you must connect to your JIRA instance through HTTPS, and a certificate is required for this connection, then you must import the certificate into the CA store of the JRE that runs SonarQube.