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Description / Features

This plugin uses the Trac XML-RPC plugin to connect to a Trac instance and display metrics about open tickets. It can also drill down to the component level. 


Install and enable the Trac XML-RPC plugin on your Trac instance. You will need to give anonymous or a user account 'XML_RPC' and 'TICKET_VIEW' privileges.
A user working with trac 0.11.7 has reported on the user mailing-list that the HttpAuthPlugin should be also installed, so if you get the following error Trac: XmlRpcException (possibly missing authentication details?) install it as well.

The Trac instance URL can be specified in two places:

Note: component name is completely optional, if you don't specify one you will get the number of tickets over the whole instance. There is also no validation of the component name, so if you specify a non-existent component name, no tickets will be found.

Running Analysis

To kick-off the analysis, see Analyzing Source Code.

Known Limitations

Change Log