Change in the log format

To make it easier for users to investigate SonarQube logs, the format evolved a little bit () and they are now split in 4 files - one per JVM ():

All parameters are fully documented in the "" file.

Generic Test Coverage functionality is now a SonarQube core feature

If you were using the Generic Test Coverage plugin, you can remove it when upgrading to SonarQube 6.2+ (having it won't fail the SonarQube startup, it will just be ignored). This is now a built-in feature (see ).

Update of quality gates that use overall or integration test coverage

SonarQube 6.2 now has only one type of coverage () which merges unit, integration and overall coverage that were badly managed depending on which language(s) and kind of projects you are using. If you had defined quality gate conditions on integration or overall coverage metrics, those quality gates will be automatically updated to use the "default" coverage metric. In this case, you should review those quality gates to make sure that they still represent your requirements.

As a side note, if you were using the Web API to query the overall or integration coverage metrics, you should update your scripts.

Other Noteworthy